5S Firmware v2.3 (P/N : 5S-10, 5S-10D  |  Model : SP110)

•  Enabled call waiting
•  Improved the BLE connection between Sena remote controls and the Sena Motorcycles App
•  Users can now cancel when the headset automatically enters “Phone Pairing” by tapping any button
•  Added a battery indicator when powering on and off the device
•  Improved Audio Multitasking
•  Improved Music Sharing
•  Improved quality of the intercom when using Audio Multitasking
•  Minor bug fix with not being able to reject a phone call while in call waiting
•  Minor bug fix with staying in Speed Dial mode when pairing to another device
•  Minor bug fix with Audio Source Priority feature
•  Minor bug fix with the volume becoming lower when a second mobile phone is connected while the first phone is receiving a phone call
•  Minor bug fix with not hearing GPS directions while using Music Sharing
•  Minor bug fix with music being heard again when Music Sharing is terminated after Music Sharing and GPS directions are used
•  Minor bug fix with Music Sharing stopping and only resumes when you activate Siri on an iPhone while using Music Sharing
•  Minor bug fix to synchronize the volume of the headset for phone calls when paired to an iPhone
•  Minor bug fix with pairing to a MOTO GPS LASER
•  Minor bug fix with hearing the caller when using the LINE App on Android 14 Samsung phones
•  Minor bug fix with the Universal Intercom feature when pairing another Sena headset
•  Minor bug fix with connecting to a non-Sena headset when paired using the Universal Intercom feature
•  Minor bug fix with music not returning when a non-Sena headset is connected or disconnected while playing music
•  Minor bug fix with the intercom automatically connecting to another headset while the headset is in phone pairing mode
•  Minor bug fix with automatically powering off when a smartphone is connected to use GPS app directions