50C Firmware v1.1.1

•  Minor bug fix with Siri automatically closing after being activated
•  Minor bug fix with audio not being heard through some BMW TFT displays
•  Minor bug fix with intercom audio not being heard after enabling the Audio Overlay Volume Management setting when listening to music while using Mesh Intercom
•  Minor bug fix with the volume level of music when using Mesh Intercom while Audio Overlay Volume Management is enabled
•  Minor bug fix with noise being heard when powering on and off Mesh Intercom while listening to music after enabling the Audio Overlay Volume Management setting
•  Improved the speed of the battery indicator when connecting to an iPhone
•  Improved the phone call volume when connecting to a Honda Gold Wing to prevent noise
•  After a Factory Reset is performed, remove the Bluetooth address for a nonexistent Bluetooth Intercom paired headset
•  Minor bug fix with GPS directions not being heard when sharing music
•  Added volume control when connected to a Ducati audio system
•  Minor bug fix with maximum volume tone being heard when typing text on an iPhone