Staying Connected Speed Riding in the Backcountry | Sena 2021 Snow Gear Guide


In his iconic 16-year professional career, ski pro and adrenaline enthusiast J.T. Holmes has led the way in Ski-B.A.S.E. jumping, wingsuit flying, B.A.S.E. jumping and speedriding. To stay connected and document their incredible journey, J.T. and his crew use the Sena bluetooth communication devices, the same tech used in the Sena Latitude S1 snow helmets. As they take on new challenges laid out by the elements, J.T. and his crew use proven Sena bluetooth capabilities to keep the sound on without interruption or interference.This is vital for capturing the right shots and keeping lines of communication open.

In J.T.’s line of work, the thrills are high and so are the stakes. Discussing a speedriding shoot in Chamonix, France, J.T. recalled, “I can remember one clear ‘save’ that the Sena Bluetooth comms provided and it made the movie. Espen Fadnes and I had just flown off a buttress and I was looking one direction but drifting in another. Espen spoke calmly and directly to me mid flight in order to avoid a collision. In the full segment, there is audio of us during and debriefing that moment. By speaking to each other we are able to warn of our next dynamic move, erasing the unpredictable nature of high speed flying and skiing.”

The Latest Sena Snow Helmet Products by Sena Outdoor

As Sena hits the snow this season, so does a fresh line-up of powder-worthy gear. Sena snow sports gear uses proven Sena Bluetooth technology to amplify your ride. Whether you’re blazing backcountry trails or heliskiing your dream run, Sena provides a killer integrated audio experience. Building off our current line of snow helmets, the Latitude SX and Latitude SR, Sena is excited to announce our latest addition to the lineup; the Latitude S1 snow helmet.

Latitude S1 Snow Helmet with Built-In Bluetooth Communication & Audio

While Sena snow gear provides crystal-clear sound for mountain-made playlists, the most important role our products play in the lives of all riders is safety. We take both very seriously.

When things go south, quality sound plays a huge role in guiding riders to the best outcomes.  As well as providing seamlessly integrated HD sound, Sena Latitude S1 snow helmets are certified for impact rating by the European Committee for Standardization and the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Why Buy The Latitude S1 Helmet?

The Latitude S1 was designed with unparalleled sound clarity for an all-around better ride. It’s built to make sound-in/sound-out both comfortable and effortless. And, without the need for cell phone service, the Latitude S1 never skips a beat.

The adjustable airflow system of the Latitude S1 lets you regulate the amount of air you feel as you shred any mountain. The speakers and microphone are nestled into the ear pads for seamless integration. And, the glove-friendly dial sits on the outside of the helmet, allowing you to focus on the ride.

Snowtalk 2 Bluetooth® Headset with Intercom for Snow Helmets

For just about anyone, bad sound can ruin your day. With universal fittings for most snow helmets, advanced connectivity, and crystal-clear comms, the Snowtalk 2 is a game-changer in every sense. Sena’s Bluetooth® intercom technology allows riders to communicate with up to three other Sena Bluetooth headset users at a time. The helmet is also capable of two-way HD Intercom, enabling a pair of users to receive ultra-rich High Definition audio in their communications.