Frequently Asked Questions


1. Update your headset to the latest firmware.
2. Download the latest version of the Sena Utility App or Sena
    30K Utility App.
    • Sena Utility App: 20S EVO, 20S
    • Sena 30K Utility App: 30K
3. Open the app.
4. Tap the upper left Menu icon mceclip0.png, and tap the Basic Settings.
5. Enable the HD Speaker Accessory.








The 50S and the 5S already come with the HD speakers included so the SC-A0325 is compatible with the 50S and the SC-A0326 is compatible with the 5S.



Here are which Sena headsets are compatible with the HD speakers:


SC-A0325 - HD Speakers Type A

  • 30K
  • 20S EVO
  • 20S

SC-A0326 - HD Speakers Type B

  • 10C EVO
  • 10C Pro


Note: To use the HD speakers on a compatible headset, the firmware version that includes HD Speaker Support needs to be installed on the headset.

To use the HD speakers for your headset after installing them, here is what you need to do:

  1. Update the firmware on your headset to the latest firmware version so that the HD Speaker support feature has been added.
  2. Enable the HD Speaker Accessory for your headset using one of the following apps:
  • Sena Device Manager - 30K, 20S, 20S EVO, 10C EVO and 10C Pro
  • 30K Utility App - 30K
  • Sena Utility App - 20S, 20S EVO, 10C EVO and 10C Pro