Frequently Asked Questions

Power On
Rotate while pressing the Jog dial clockwise for 1 second.

Power Off
Press and hold the Jog dial for 5 seconds.

When the headset is powering on, the red LED flashes rapidly indicating the battery level.
4 flashes = High, 70 ~ 100%
3 flashes = Medium, 30 ~ 70%
2 flashes = Low, 0 ~ 30%

You can raise or lower the volume by rotating the Jog dial. Volume is set and maintained independently at different levels for each audio source (i.e. phone, intercom), even when the Bluetooth system is rebooted.

• Volume up/down Rotate the Jog dial clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can start/end an intercom conversation with one of any intercom friends by tapping the Jog dial.
• Staring/Ending Two-way Intercom Tap the Jog dial.

When the Bluetooth system is not working properly, you can easily reset the unit. When the USB charging & data cable connects a power supply to the system, the system will automatically be turned off and a fault reset will occur.