Frequently Asked Questions

Press and hold the Jog Dial and Phone Button at the same time to turn the headset on or off.

Powering On


Powering Off




The headset will be fully charged in about 1.5 hours. (The charging time may vary depending on the charging method.)


- The headset includes a Fast Charging feature which allows it to charge quickly over a short period of time. For example, a user can get 5 hours of talk time after charging the headset for 20 minutes.

There are two ways to check battery level: 1. Visually, with LEDs when powering on.

Battery Level - Visual Method


2. Audible method: press and hold the Phone Button and Jog Dial for more than 5 seconds as the headset powers on. A prompt will announce the remaining battery level.

Battery Level - Audible Method





You can raise or lower the volume by rotating the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise. Volume is set and maintained independently at different levels for each audio source (i.e., phone, intercom), even when the headset is rebooted.

Volume Up


Volume Down


1. Execute Phone Pairing by holding down the Phone Button for 5 seconds.

Mobile Phone Pairing


2. With your mobile phone in Bluetooth-pairing mode, select the headset in the list of devices detected.

3. If your mobile phone asks for a PIN, enter 0000.


1. Execute GPS Pairing by holding down the Jog Dial for 5 seconds.

2. Within 2 seconds,

3. Tap the Phone Button once to hear the voice prompt, “Second mobile phone pairing”.

4. Again within 2 seconds Tap the Phone Button to hear the voice prompt, “GPS pairing”.


5. With your Bluetooth device on the GPS navigation screen, 

6. Select the headset in the list of devices detected.

7 If your Bluetooth device asks for a PIN, enter 0000.


Note: If you pair your GPS device via GPS Pairing its instructions with not interrupt your intercom conversations, but overlay with them



1. Turn on the headset and the Remote Control device.

2. Execute remote control Pairing in the headset configuration Menu.

Access Remote Control Pairing in the Confi guration Menu.


3. Enter pairing mode in the Remote Control device. The headset will automatically connect with the Remote Control device in pairing mode. You will hear a voice prompt, “remote control connected”, when they are successfully paired.

Enter Pairing Mode




Answer a Call


End a Call


Reject a Call


Make a Call with Voice Dialer




1. To play or pause music, press and hold the Jog Dial for 1 second until you hear a double beep.


 2. To adjust the volume, rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise.


3. To track forward or back, rotate while pressing the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise.

You can start sharing music with one intercom friend using Bluetooth stereo music during a two-way intercom conversation and one participant of a Mesh.

Both you and your intercom friend can remotely control music playback such as track forward and track back.

If you start sharing music while Bluetooth intercom and Mesh Intercom are running at the same time, then music shared during Bluetooth intercom will take priority over music shared during Mesh Intercom. The Creator will send a request message to a headset connected during Mesh Intercom and will share music with the first participant that accepts the request.



Up to three people can communicate via intercom with the headset simply by pairing their headsets.

Pairing with Intercom Friends


1. Press and hold the Jog Dials of two headsets for 5 seconds until you hear the voice prompt, "Intercom Pairing"

Pairing Headset A with Headset B


2. Tap the Jog Dial on either headset and wait until the LEDs of both turn blue.


3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 to pair with intercom Friends C & D

Last-Come, First-Served


You can start or end an intercom conversation with an Intercom Friend by tapping the Jog Dial.

1. Tap once for Intercom Friend 1.

Start/End with Intercom Friend 1


2. Tap twice for Intercom Friend 2.

Start/End with Intercom Friend 2


3. Tap three times for Intercom Friend 3.

Start/End with Intercom Friend 3



You (A) can have a Three-Way Intercom Conference with two other Intercom Friends (B & C) by establishing two intercom connections simultaneously.

1. Pair your headset (A) with those of two other Intercom Friends (B & C). 

2. Start an intercom conversation with one of the two friends in your intercom group. For example, you (A) may start an intercom conversation with the Intercom Friend (B). Or, Intercom Friend (B) may start an intercom call with you (A).


3. Then, you (A) can call the second Intercom Friend (C), or the second Intercom Friend (C) may join the intercom by making an intercom call to you (A).

4. Now you (A) and two Intercom Friends (B & C) are having a Three-Way Intercom Conference.

With three Intercom Friends connected, a new participant (D) can make it a Four-Way Intercom Conference by making an intercom call to either (B) or (C).

Ending Four-Way Intercom

1. Press the Jog Dial for 1 second until you hear a beep to terminate all intercom connections.

2. Tap the Jog Dial to disconnect from your first Intercom Friend. Double tap the Jog Dial to disconnect from your second Intercom Friend.

 When Mesh intercom is enabled, the headset will be in Public Mode initially. It can connect with a virtually unlimited number of nearby 30K headsets within a 1.6 km (1.0 mile) range. Within this group, 6 users can talk at the same time for an optimized, open group intercom conversation. Users can freely connect with each other when in Public Mode. The audio quality of the intercom conversation will be the best when communicating using Public Mode. The headset will not save the connection information from any of the headsets that it is connected to for future open group intercom conversations when in Public Mode.

Starting Mesh Intercom

When Mesh intercom is enabled, the headset will automatically connect to nearby 30K users and allow them to talk to each other by pressing the Mesh intercom Button

 Mesh Intercom On


 Mesh Intercom Off




In order to use Private Mode on the 30K to connect your riding buddies together, a Mesh needs to be created by one of the riders in the group. A "creator" can create a Mesh using the following steps. 

Creating a Mesh

  • While everyone is in Public Mode, press and hold the Mesh Intercom Button for 5 seconds to hear the voice prompt "Creating mesh". 

Nearby riders in Public Mode will receive an invitation from the "creator" and hear a voice prompt say "Would you like to join the mesh?" 

The invited rider can accept the invitation from the “creator” within 30 seconds by tapping the Mesh Intercom Button once. After accepting the invitation, the invited rider's headset will give the voice prompt “Joined the mesh”. 

Joining an Existing Mesh

For those riders that did not receive an invitation from the "creator" or did not accept the initial invite, you can join a Mesh that has already been started.

  • Tap the Mesh Intercom Button on your 30K twice. You will hear the voice prompt “Searching for mesh” on your headset. 

The creator of the Mesh can accept or reject the request to join the Mesh after hearing the voice prompt "Would you like to accept a new participant?".

  • To accept - The "creator" needs to tap the Mesh Intercom Button once. 
    • The rider will hear the voice prompt "Joined the mesh".
  • To reject – The "creator" needs to hold the Mesh Intercom Button for 1 second.
    • The rider will hear the voice prompt “Mesh intercom denied”. 

Quitting the Mesh

The 30K will remember which headsets it is connected to in a Mesh even if the headset is powered off. If you want to create a new Mesh with a new group of riding buddies then you need to quit the Mesh.

  • Hold down the Mesh Intercom Button for 8 seconds, you will hear the voice prompt “Quit the mesh”. 

The creator or a participant can quit the Mesh. When someone quits the Mesh, the headset will automatically switch to Public Mode and the stored connection information will be deleted.

A Guest Mode setting can be found in the settings menu, accessible through Sena Device Manager or Sena Smartphone App.

Guest Mode allows a guest to listen to a closed Mesh conversation. The creator of the Mesh needs to enable Guest Mode before creating the Mesh to allow guests. Guest Mode can be enabled when the guest is in Public Mode and the Mesh Network connection information has been removed. The guest needs to be within range of the Mesh that is using Private Mode to listen to the Mesh conversation.


Toggle Between Public Mode and Guest Mode





To turn on or shut off the FM radio, Press the Phone Button for 1 second until you hear a double beep.

FM Radio On


FM Radio Off


The “Seek” feature searches for radio stations.

1. Rotate while pressing the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise to search for radio stations.

Seek Stations Forward


Seek Stations Backward


2. To save the current station, press and hold the Jog Dial for 1 seconds until you hear the voice prompt, “Preset (#).”

Enter Preset Selection Mode


The “Scan” function automatically searches for radio stations, starting with the current station’s frequency, then up from there.

1. Double tap the Phone Button to scan for stations.

Scan and Save Radio Stations

2. The Sena tuner pauses at each station it finds for 8 seconds before moving to the next.

3. To save the current station, tap the Phone Button. The station will be saved as the next preset number

Save the Current Station


 When the headset is not working properly, you can easily reset the unit:

1. Locate the pinhole reset button below on the back of the main unit.

2. Gently insert a paperclip into the hole and tap the Fault Reset Button with light pressure.


 3. The headset will shut down.  


To erase all of your settings and start fresh, the headset can be restored to factory default settings using the Factory Reset feature.