Frequently Asked Questions

Camera On or Off

To turn on the camera, tap the Camera Button. The camera turns off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. To turn off the camera manually, tap the Camera Button and the Phone Button simultaneously.

Press and hold the Camera Button for 1 second to start video recording. The green LED will flash and you will hear a voice prompt, “Recording”. Press and hold the Camera Button for 1 second to stop recording. You will hear a voice prompt, “Recording stopped”. Below is a table of approximate video recording times to microSD card size in specific resolutions and frame rates.



LED Indicator

When the headset is powering on, the red LED flashes rapidly indicating the battery level.

4 flashes = High, 70~100%
3 flashes = Medium, 30~70%
2 flashes = Low, 0~30%

Voice Prompt Indicator

When you power on the headset, keep pressing the Jog Dial and the Phone Button simultaneously for about 5 seconds until you hear high tone triple beeps. Then you will hear a voice prompt indicating the battery level is high, medium, or low.

Volume Adjustment

You can raise or lower the volume by rotating the Jog Dial. Volume is set and maintained independently at different levels for each audio source, even when the headset is rebooted.

Mobile Phone Pairing - Mobile Phone, Bluetooth Stereo Device

1. Press and hold the Phone Button for 5 seconds until the LED flashes red and blue alternately and you hear multiple beeps. You will hear a voice prompt, “Phone pairing”.

2. Search for Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone. Select the Sena 10C Pro in the list of the devices detected on the mobile phone.

3. If your mobile phone asks for a PIN, enter 0000.

Bluetooth Stereo Music

1. To play or pause music, press and hold the Jog Dial for 1 second until you hear a double beep.

2. To adjust the volume, rotate the Jog Dial.

3. To track forward or track back, rotate while pressing the Jog Dial clockwise or counter clockwise.


Fault Reset

When the headset is not working properly, you can easily reset the unit:

1. Locate the pinhole reset button at the back of the headset main unit.

2. Gently insert a paperclip into the hole and tap the Fault Reset Button with light pressure.

3. The headset will shut down.



Group Intercom allows you to instantly create a multi-way conference
intercom with three other most recently paired headsets.

1. Go through intercom pairing with up to three headsets you want to have Group Intercom with.

2. Press the Jog Dial for 3 seconds to begin Group Intercom. The LED will flash green.

3. To terminate Group Intercom, press the Jog Dial for 1 second during Group Intercom.

FM Radio On/Off

To turn on or off the FM radio, press and hold the Phone Button for 1 seconds until you hear a mid-toned double beep sound.