Everyone here at Sena loves this time of year because we know it means so much for so many. And though we all face extra challenges this year and our celebrations may not be as large as they have been in the past, it is still those bonds of friends and families that are the most important gift to each of us, regardless of distance. After the presents are unwrapped and the meals are eaten, it's the warmth of those connections, whether near or far, that will continue to feed our souls.

So, to help spread the Gift of Connection, we’ve put together some suggestions for any of you who may have motorcycle riders, cyclists, or any outdoor enthusiasts on your shopping lists! We've also tapped a few of our Adventure Seekers to give us their top pick. We hope this helps to spur some ideas and most of all, we hope that we’re able to play a small part in bringing people together throughout the year. #RideConnected



This Year's Picks


Featured Highlights

  • R1 EVO
  • Momentum EVO
  • SF4
  • SF2
  • Latitude S1
  • M1 EVO

Stocking Stuffers

  • HD Speakers
  • +Mesh
  • PowerPro Mount

Sena Adventure Seeker Picks

Our influencers love utilizing our gear and work with us to spread the word of #RideConnected. Check out what they think are the best choices for a holiday gift!

Adam Sandoval

Recording your adventure and talking with your friends while experiencing it. What's not to like? The 10C EVO is a Bluetooth Intercom headset with a built-in 4K camera capable of capturing the best moments on your trips. The device can pair with up to three other Bluetooth Intercom headsets for conversations.


Sena Adventure Seeker Adam Sandoval says: "We use the 10C EVO to record our conversations on the road, the comms really come in handy on longer group rides."


Check out a piece of Adam's Trans America Trail journey!

Sena 10C EVO

Sena 50R

Brian Deegan

Sena's 50R headset features the robust & reliable Mesh 2.0 communication network in a low-profile, sleek package. With Mesh, you can communicate with as many nearby riders within a range of up to a 5-mile radius. For traditionalists, the headset also features Bluetooth® 5-powered intercom. The 50R is well regarded, having been used by over 140 ADV riders from across the globe during the always challenging BMW International GS Trophy.


Sena Adventure Seeker Brian Deegan says, "paired our Sena Bluetooth with our MIC'd up GoPro and captured some funny moments with @dangerboydeegan and @hucksondeegan. The Sena improves our experience and helps improve rider safety while riding motos."


Check out how Brian and his sons use their Sena's at the MX track.


People familiar with Sena's Intercom headsets immediately recognize the familiar jog dial design many of our products feature and the 50S is no exception. Just like the 50R, the 50S is ready with Multi-Channel Mesh Intercom™, letting you chat with a near-limitless number of Mesh participants across 9 channels. The 50S also comes with HD Speakers for that superior soundscape.


Adventure Seeker Blockhead says: "The Mesh 2.0 connects so quickly that it is almost scary fast!"


Check out Blockhead's review of the 50R & 50S!

Sena 50S

Sena 5S



Small, compact, yet full of energy. The Sena 5S boasts HD Speakers for optimal sound quality, pairs to a passenger or a separate rider for HD Intercom, and features a handy LCD screen that quickly verifies intercom connection, battery life, and volume level. A throwback to the legendary SMH5, the 5S is feature-rich and value-packed.


Sena Adventure Seeker Fooligan says: “Whether you're an expert stunter or beginner rider, Sena makes it easy to stay connected. Group rides become safer and more fun!”



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Featured Picks

From greatest hits to new releases, whether you need a motorcycle headset or a snow helmet, Sena has you covered. Check out the selections below!



For road enthusiasts, nothing beats the R1 EVO. Evolved from the R1 Smart Helmet, the R1 EVO features Mesh Intercom™ instead of Bluetooth Intercom, making it easier to communicate in large group environments. Like all of Sena's cycling helmets, you can pair your smartphone to the helmet via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and have music, GPS navigation, and phone calls streamed through the helmet's recessed speakers and mic system.

Sena R1 EVO

Sena Momentum EVO

Momentum EVO

Mesh Intercom™ is big with Sena, and our efforts include the moto world. As mentioned, it makes it easy for the groups to catch up with each other thanks to seamless communications. The Momentum EVO allows for a simple connection to a virtually limitless number of riders. If the motorcyclist in your life enjoys large group rides, the Momentum EVO makes for a great gift.


This 4-way Bluetooth intercom keeps a small group connected. Users can enjoy their music through the included HD speakers while keeping their intercom active, so they can communicate with their fellow riders.

Sena SF4

Sena SF2


Riding with your best friend just got better. The Sena SF2 Bluetooth intercom system makes for easy bike-to-bike communication. The 2-way intercom system allows two riders to easily communicate with each other without distractions. The HD Speakers offer clear audio even in high wind environments.

Latitude S1

Ski season is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, so why not bundle up and take the Latitude S1 for a trip? The helmet is built for winter’s challenges, with a durable ABS shell with EPS liner for impact protection and glove-friendly jog dial control. An adjustable airflow system regulates the amount of air you let in and the interior’s mesh liner and black velvet padding offer warmth and comfort. Of course, it includes Sena's built-in Bluetooth® Intercom tech, letting you chat with friends up on the mountain.

Sena Latitude S1

Sena M1 EVO


Though Santa isn't going to be able to deliver the M1 EVO before Christmas, Sena's first mountain bike helmet will be arriving to the help ring in the New Year, so get those holiday gift cards ready! Featuring Mesh Intercom™, communicate with as many people utilizing Sena Mesh-powered devices within range of your helmet! Want to just listen to your music? Then connect the helmet to your smartphone via Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity and enjoy your tunes! Recessed speakers, a microphone, three-button control, and taillight round out the features and functionality of the stylish helmet.

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Stocking Stuffers

Already have your Sena? Not to worry, the following items are worth it to improve the riding adventure, whether it’s for a friend or for yourself!

HD Speakers

The premier speakers released with the 5S, 50S, and 50R are now available for the 30K, 20S, and 20S EVO! Enjoy high-definition sound quality that boasts increased volume and bass boost in a redesigned speaker system.

Sena HD Speakers

Sena +Mesh


Have a friend who loves their 10C EVO, or any other Sena Bluetooth Intercom, but wants to join in on Mesh conversations the rest of you are enjoying? Gift them a +Mesh. This nifty device serves as an antenna that "bridges" Bluetooth devices into the Mesh network. Now they're ready to keep conversations going!

PowerPro Mount

Nothing's worse than taking that brand-new holiday cruiser on a cross-country trip, enjoying the music streaming through your 50S...and then having your phone die due to power consumption. That's where the PowerPro Mount comes in. A combination phone mount and charger, one charge of the PowerPro Mount can recharge most iPhone models up to 5 times!

Sena PowerPro Mount

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