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May, 25, 2012

Sena Technologies, Inc. Partnership with Acclaimed Adventure Motorcycle Training & Touring Organization to Bring More Connected Off-road Experience

SAN JOSE, Calif. (May 25, 2012) – Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth® innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, today announced that it has partnered with RawHyde Adventures, an off-road motorcycle training facility and one of only nine official BMW Off Road Academies in the world. Sena has become the official off-road communication provider for RawHyde Adventures for its training and rallies and has provided the organization with the SMH10 Bluetooth headset/intercom system, as well as the SR10 Bluetooth two-way radio adaptor. The addition of these units allows RawHyde Adventures staff the ability to communicate delays and hazards in the terrain to riders in the group behind them, whether a different route must be taken, or any number of things which may need to be relayed to the instructors and students on the ride.

“We have very unique needs in our world,” said RawHyde owner, Jim Hyde. “We need a farther talk reach than the average street rider and with our new Sena products, we get snapshot, real-time communication. When you’re instructing 20 to 25 student riders at a time, we have to ask ourselves, ‘How can we most safely and efficiently get these individuals through the terrain they came here to learn on and what’s going to make them have an even more enjoyable experience?’ d communication during our rides was the best answer.”

The Sena SMH10 is the company’s flagship Bluetooth headset/intercom system that allows riders to connect wirelessly to other riders over Bluetooth intercom or to their phones, GPS, mp3 players and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The Sena SMH10 is used during RawHyde’s off-road clinics in conjunction with the Sena SR10, a system that connects to Bluetooth, as well as to a host of two-way radios to provide a greater communication distance with the riders on a particular two-way radio channel. The SMH10’s jog dial promotes safety while riding so that motorcyclists do not spend too much time concentrated on finding a particular button on their headset. The SR10’s two-way communication is initiated by pressing an easy-to-find PTT (push-to-talk) button on the main unit or remote PTT button that attaches to the handlebars.

“We are thrilled to partner with RawHyde Adventures as they are quite well-respected in the off-road community for raising awareness about adventure riding, as well as for their emphasis on safety,” said Marc Woo, Sena Technologies, Inc. president North and South America. “The goal of our partnership is to show off-road motorcycle riders that staying connected to each other is of the utmost importance for safety and overall enjoyment of the trek.”

RawHyde Adventures will be hitting 30 cities across the United States with free adventure workshops this summer as part of the BMW GS Community Building Program. At each event, riders can learn everything about the basics of off-road motorcycling. Participants will also be able to learn about the Sena Bluetooth products and how they may benefit them while riding on or off road.

About RawHyde Adventures
RawHyde is the market leader in motorcycle rider training and tours within the adventure segment of the U.S. motorcycle industry. One of nine BMW authorized training centers in the world, RawHyde provides two wheeled adventure training & experiences to riders from coast to coast as well as a growing international audience. RawHyde is based in Valencia, California and has been serving the motorcycling community for more than a decade. Learn more about the company at

About Sena Technologies, Inc.
Sena Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Bluetooth communication devices, including Bluetooth motorcycle intercom. Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, Sena has been a leading provider of Bluetooth communication systems for powersports and other outdoor activities. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners. Stay up to date on Sena’s latest product releases and technology upgrades by signing up for its free newsletter.

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