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February, 20, 2014

Sena Technologies Announces New SMH10 Bluetooth® Firmware Upgrade


Version 5.0 Firmware Provides Improved Intercom Functions, Universal Bluetooth Connectivity and Better Noise Suppression


SAN JOSE, Calif. (Feb. 19, 2014)Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, announced today the release of the version 5.0 firmware upgrade for owners of their best-selling SMH10 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for motorcycles. The version 5.0 firmware upgrade will allow cross-brand interoperability with different brands of Bluetooth headsets, in addition to added support for many of the newest devices using the latest Bluetooth technology. The new firmware will also provide Advanced Noise Control technology to the intercom feature to eliminate background noise and to offer a robust wind noise suppression.


“The new firmware upgrade brings a great deal of improvements to an already incredible product. Version 5.0 firmware will allow SMH10 owners the ability to use the intercom feature with other brands of headsets in addition to bringing advanced Bluetooth technology and noise control, making this one of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets on the market,” said Tae Kim, President and CEO, Sena Technologies Inc. “Timely firmware upgrades like this allow us to keep our product up-to-date and compatible with all of the latest Bluetooth devices available on the market.”


Sena has separated itself from the competition by offering free regular firmware upgrades ensuring that its entire line of Bluetooth Headsets remain compatible with the latest Bluetooth technology. Since Bluetooth technology is constantly evolving, Sena works to keep its firmware updated to ensure compatibility with everything from the latest smartphone operating systems to the Bluetooth devices like GPS units, motorcycle audio units and more Bluetooth-enabled devices. Sena remains dedicated to its owners and understands the importance of providing follow-up support for its entire product line.

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 About Sena Technologies Inc.

Sena Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Bluetooth communication devices, including Bluetooth motorcycle intercom. Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, Sena has been a leading provider of Bluetooth communication systems for power sports and other outdoor activities. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners.


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