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October, 12, 2015


 Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth and communications innovation, is proud to announce an unveiling event to be held at the Sena Booth (#1936) on Thursday, October 15th, at 11:00am during the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Orlando, FL. Sena is proud to host two of today’s most influential adventure riders, Simon and Lisa Thomas of “2 Ride The World”, and the exclusive unveiling of the their newly built custom adventure motorcycles. In addition to the news items mentioned above and expanded upon below, Sena will also be unveiling a game-changing new product at the expo as well.

“2 Ride The World”

With more “real-world” experience than anyone else on the road today, Lisa and Simon Thomas of “2 Ride The World” have been described as unstoppable and have spent over a decade traveling the globe on their two BMW motorcycles. To date, the pair have travelled over 400,000 miles (643,737 km’s), through 78 countries, traversed 27 deserts, smashed four world riding endurance records and are still on the road today.

As internationally renowned inspirational speakers, Lisa and Simon have shared their experiences and life lessons with audiences around the globe, authored articles for top travel and motorcycle publications and made over 40 international TV appearances, whilst being the focus of a BBC documentary. Follow their travels at or follow them on Facebook.

Use of Sena

Lisa and Simon have been using Sena since the launch of the company’s flagship product, the SMH10. From there, the couple graduated to using the Sena Prism Bluetooth Audio Camera, which is capable of capturing full high-definition video and crystal-clear audio from a Sena Bluetooth headset – as well as the revolutionary Sena 20S communication unit. This wireless capability provides “2 Ride The World” and other users the ability to mount the camera in unique locations while being free of wires to capture stunning audio and video.  Sena has recently launched the first-ever Bluetooth audio action camera, the Sena 10c, now used by Simon and Lisa as well. The 10c seamlessly integrates Sena’s award-winning lineup of communication units with video.

Sena has rapidly grown into a worldwide leader in Bluetooth communications innovation for the powersports/motorcycle industry. With the specific needs of motorcycle riders as the center of Sena’s innovation for the future, current offerings are just a preview of what is to come – as new inventions wait in the wings to disrupt the industry in the coming year.

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