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June, 13, 2012

Sena Celebrates the 21st Annual International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day

Riding Motorcycles & Scooters Cuts Down Traffic, Congestion & Pollution

SAN JOSE, Calif. (June 13, 2012) – Celebrating the 21st year of the International Motorcycle & Scooter Ride to Work Day, Monday, June 18, Sena Technologies, Inc., a Bluetooth® innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities market, encourages motorcycle and scooter owners to get geared up and help cut down on traffic, and to save themselves some gas. The company also encourages automobile drivers to pay special attention that day, and every day, to motorcycle and scooter riders sharing the road. The idea behind International Ride to Work Day is designed to demonstrate the following – the number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians, that motorcyclists are involved in all occupations and come from all walks of life, that motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in metropolitan areas, that motorcycles are for transportation as well as for recreation and that motorcycling can be a social good and source of camaraderie for riders.

“By supporting International Ride to Work Day, we want to encourage motorcycle and scooter riders to get to their destinations safely and responsibly,” said Marc Woo, president of Sena Technologies, Inc. North and South America. “Staying connected to friends or loved ones or to other riders in one’s group can be a lifesaver in a stressful situation on the road. Sena Bluetooth headset/intercom systems are extremely advantageous in many situations for responsible motorcycle and scooter riders who commute.”

Sena Bluetooth systems work to promote safety while riding with their easy-to-use jog dial design and the voice activated controls and voice prompts. The emphasis for Sena system creators was on allowing the rider to do utilize the functions of the headset/intercom with as little use of one’s hands as possible. With voice activation, a rider may make or receive a phone call, play mp3 audio and much more using a Sena headset.

International Ride to Work Day & Motorcycle Statistics:
• International Ride to Work Day was started in 1992
• Only 4.3-percent of all registered motorcycles in the United States are used for year-round primary transportation, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.
• The average United States vehicle driver travels approximately 29 miles per day and drives a total of 55 minutes per day at an average vehicle speed of 32 miles per hour based on U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation statistics.
• Tests by the Motorcycle Industry Association comparing car and motorcycle performance on real journeys suggest that traveling by motorcycle can shorten journey times by as much as 33 minutes of every hour for town center and city travel, and 20 minutes of every hour for travel through a mixture of built-up and non built-up areas.

About Sena Technologies, Inc.
Sena Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Bluetooth communication devices, including Bluetooth motorcycle intercom. Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, Sena has been a leading provider of Bluetooth communication systems for powersports and other outdoor activities. Sena offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners.

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