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April, 19, 2012

Baja Moto Champions Gear Up with Sena Bluetooth® Wireless Stereo Headset & Intercom During Trek of “Chasing Summer” Docuseries

Riders Utilize Sena SMH10 to Stay in Close Contact in Rough Terrain

SAN JOSE, Calif. (April 19th, 2012) – Thousands of new fans every day ‘tune in’ to YouTube to watch two of off-road racing’s best riders as they undertake a dream trek across Baja, California. Red Bull’s YouTube docuseries “Chasing Summer” features award-winning motorcyclists, four-time Baja 1000 winner Quinn Cody of the Santa Ynez Valley in California and Kendall Norman of Santa Barbara, Calif. The pair covers 2,800- miles of the most picturesque, yet also the roughest terrain of the Baja peninsula, within 12 days. Aside from their riding gear and dirt bikes, also wore Sena Bluetooth SMH10 Headset & Intercom systems. The wireless communication devices allowed them to stay in close contact with one another, producers and photographers in via mobile phone and more so through intercom.

“Using the Sena SMH10 was a huge help on our Chasing Summer trip,” said off-road motorcycle racer Quinn Cody. “They allowed us to keep moving all day without having to stop every time we needed to talk. I was also very impressed with the durability of the units. “We tested them in one of the harshest environments on the planet and they worked flawlessly the entire trip.”

As the pair suits up for their first day’s ride, they can be seen wearing the Sena SMH10 at the 3:00 mark of the second episode, and at other times in the five episodes already released.

“We think it’s pretty cool these accomplished riders chose to use Sena’s products on their ride, documented so well by Red Bull and able to be seen around the world on YouTube,” said Marc Woo, president North and South America of Sena Technologies, Inc. “These expert riders did not only talk with each other while on their journey, they also used the SMH10 to easily talk with photographers filming from the helicopter overhead, as well as with producers on the ground. It adds another dimension to the production value of the docuseries we believe.”

Sena makes headset and intercom systems designed to meet and exceed the needs of motorcyclists, scooter riders, snow sports participants and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The “Chasing Summer” docuseries can be seen here.

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