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August, 28, 2015


Sena Technologies, Inc.,  the global leader in Bluetooth innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles, has announced the release of the Wristband Remote, the latest addition to their line of Bluetooth communication systems specially designed to give users full control over their Sena Bluetooth communication gear. By attaching the device to the wrist or arm, the Wristband Remote helps reduce the dangers caused by distractions while riding or participating in other outdoor activities. From passengers on motorcycles who want to stay connected on the ride, to skydivers looking for a safer and more convenient way to communicate with fellow skydivers, this is just another example of how Sena has once again proved their leadership in the outdoor sports industry. Sena continues to create communication solutions for other activities that go far beyond the motorcycle and powersports markets.

“Our mission is clear – to provide the ultimate products for any and all outdoor activities. The new Wristband Remote accomplishes just that, giving users more control when connected to their Sena gear. Also, it is ideal for not only motorcycle and powersports riders but other extreme sports such as skydiving, paintballing, snowboarding and skiing,” said Tae Kim, president and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc. “Sena has proven itself a top contender in the outdoor industry and will continue to avidly listen to consumers’ needs, creating the latest, cutting-edge technology with adventure seekers in mind.”

With a retail price of $99, the Sena Wristband Remote features world-class 4.1 Bluetooth technology for clear, crisp and reliable communication and can be paired with any Sena Bluetooth 4.0 and above Smart Ready-enabled headsets such as the revolutionary 20S, sleek and stealth 10U, 10R and 10C, the world’s first combined communication and audio action camera system. The Wristband Remote is also water-resistant and offers glove-friendly buttons and joystick for easy-to-use operation. With long-lasting battery life, the device can be used for up to three months between charges.

The announcement of Wristband Remote is just one of the many ways Sena is continuing it’s focus on safety.  In May, Sena released their revolutionary Sena Handlebar Remote which offers all the same Bluetooth remote functionality as the Wristband Remote which easily installs over a motorcycle’s left grip using a unique clamp-style design. This provides the easy and safe control of a Sena headset without a rider ever needing to take their hands off the handlebars. Both the Wristband and Handlebar Remotes are available from retailers across the country for $99, and work with the 20S, 10C, 10U and 10R communication systems. The Handlebar Remote comes standard with the 10U Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System for Shoei, Schubreth and Arai helmets, and the 10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

Like all Sena products, the Wristband Remote is firmware upgradable and includes Sena’s industry leading two-year warranty. For more information on the Wristband Remote as well as the full Sena product line, please visit

About Sena Technologies Inc.
Sena Technologies, Inc.
is the global leader in Bluetooth Innovation for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor sports lifestyles – enabling real-time communication and optimal performance in the thick of the action.  Since its first and flagship product, the SMH10 Bluetooth intercom/headset for Motorcycle helmets, the most cutting-edge technological designs have allowed riders across power sports and motocross to change the way they communicate while charging tracks and courses worldwide. With cyclists, action sports and outdoor sports enthusiasts taking advantage of its impressive communications and onboard technologies – coupled with its sheer innovation in creating new perspectives with Bluetooth audio action camera technology – Sena is enhancing the lives of speed demons and action-seekers for the better. Sena currently offers its products worldwide through its global network of distributors, retailers and OEM partners.

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