Rudy Cassan

Outdoor 12-28-2023

  • Home Base

    Chamonix, France

  • Equipment of Choice

    Wingsuit Model: Aura and Jedei 2

  • Hobbies

    Wingsuit Flying, Climbing, High Lining

Rudy Cassan started Base Jumping in 2003 in Verdon Gorges and has more than 2,200 jumps today. He likes flying so much and being in the mountains with friends that he decided to quit his Sales Director job in Paris to follow his passion of wingsuit flying and exploring the world. All year long, Rudy travels to and explores new places to jump.

He likes to go to Norway, United States, Australia, French Polynesia, and New Zealand. Nowadays, he shares the experiences he has learned doing motivational talks, and risk and fear management conferences.

“Life is short, enjoy it as much as you can!”