Marta & Lucas

Motorcycling 12-28-2023

  • Home Base

    Near Wrocław, Poland

  • Equipment of Choice

    BMW F800 GS,
    called the "Red Donkey"

  • Motto

    "Everything begins with dreams."

An adventure couple discovering the world on their BMW F800 GS.

Meet Marta Zajchowska and Lucas Gorniak – Polish people who decided in their 30s to leave their comfort zone, change their office chairs into a motorcycle saddle, and look around for adventure. For Lucas, the most important thing is to go, or better yet, ride further. He can’t sit in one place; that’s why he rides with so much energy. He loves adrenaline and does not fear challenges.

Marta is the reasonable half of the duet, with many dreams and ideas. She’s curious about the world but calculating. She likes challenges and being around people. Marta has always been fascinated by how adaptable humans are to changing conditions. Now she is always on tour fulfilling her many curiosities, loving the life nobody would have thought she’d be living today.

Both are still on the road moving across continents, riding two-up, and watching the world from two different perspectives. Their BMW clock shows over 174,000 km now, ridden in 86 countries through the Americas, around Africa, Central Asia, and Europe in the last 2.5 years, since they started exploring the world on two wheels. Another big trip awaits – just in the next few months, they will be somewhere on the way to Australia going through Asia and riding another 100,000 km across continents.

With a positive streak and no fear of long distances, they are proving that—if one puts their mind to it—it is all the more possible to travel far away even without experience. These days, with so many apps, online reviews, and global opportunities, it’s getting easier and easier. Surely, the most difficult part is starting the journey. Marta and Lucas are exploring all over the world, capturing moments in pictures and videos, sharing their experience of traveling on motorcycles, and hoping to start the spark of more adventures.