Kevin & Beth

Motorcycling 12-28-2023

  • Home Base

    Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Equipment of Choice

    BMW R1200 GS Adventure  |
    Klim Technical Gear  |
    Klim Krios Helmet  |  Forma Boots

  • Motto

    "Adventure is best shared with the one you love."

Kevin and Beth have been riding 2UP for their entire 18 year marriage. As the motorcycles changed from sport bikes to touring bikes to adventure bikes the lengths of the trips changed as well. Soon they were traveling together around North America as their passion for road grew. They realized something along the way, not only were they building memories for a lifetime but they were building a better marriage and friendship. These two wheeled adventures were not always easy and the challenges they faced became team building exercises.

They started 2UpTogether as a Facebook page simply to share photos and videos with their friends and family, but soon others were following their adventures and were inspired to enjoy the fun, excitement and adventure travel on a motorcycle can bring. They had tapped into something more than a Facebook page to share with family, they were spreading the joy of adventure 2UpTogether to others.

Their motto is “We believe adventure is best shared with the one you love. Our hope is that we inspire others to share adventure with the one they love”. It’s great to travel the world on a motorcycle but it’s even better if it is with the one you love the most. They love sharing their passion with others and it warms their hearts to know they have inspired others who also have decided to share adventure with the one they love. So whether your adventures take you on the road or on the dirt follow 2UpTogether as a resource for all adventure 2UP.