BDR: Backcountry Discovery Routes

Motorcycling 03-18-2024

Sena is the official communications partner of the Backcountry Discovery Routes, most recently outfitting the BDR expedition team with 50R and 50S.

Two riders of BDR's expedition team are having a discussion, each wearing a helmet equipped with Sena 50S and 50C.

Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®) is a non-profit advocacy organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. They have introduced a new route with free GPS tracks for the community nearly every year since 2010.

BDR also produces both short films and feature-length documentaries to inspire, educate, and promote safety for adventure motorcycle travel in the backcountry. The films are free to view online and you’ll spot Sena products being used as the riders navigate some of the country’s most beautiful and exciting adventure routes.

Sena has been the BDR industry partner for over a decade with BDR scouting and filming teams relying on Sena devices for seamless communication.

The executive director of BDR, Inna Thorn, rides on a dirt road with others following. Her helmet is equipped with Sena 50S.

Released in early 2024, the latest BDR route takes riders on flowing two-track roads and gravel tracks through dense pine forests of the High Sierra. The significance of this route is that it will connect the BDR from Mexico to Canada, a big accomplishment for the BDR non-profit! You’ll find the Sena logo on the official Butler Map for the Northern California BDR route.