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November 29, 2018

Sena is a company built by riders for riders and we value our customers and their feedback. Voix is French for “voice”, and that is the purpose of this platform: to share our collective voice. As we post updates on the development process of creating new Sena products, we are hopeful this platform will become another way for us, as a community of riders, to connect.

At our core we are a technology company. We strive to constantly push the envelope and develop new products which allow our customers to communicate while doing what they love: #RideConnected. Voix will be a place on our site where you can come to see what our development team is working on.

From prototype illustrations to the final realized product, numerous changes are made during the product development process. Voix will be a place where you can come to see our progress and new ideas. Some projects may come to fruition, while others won’t. Either way, we want to invite you along for the ride.

Check back in on occasion to see what we’re working on. We hope you enjoy this new look in to the Sena world!

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