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December 26, 2018

Our team is constantly searching for quicker and more efficient ways to use Sena products. Saving time pairing up a group of riders, is more time enjoying the freedom of the open road. Smart pairing will allow riders to pair Bluetooth headsets in a matter of seconds.

Sena Voix 2 Group QR Code Phones

While the Smart Pairing feature will be just one piece of the updated Sena Utility app, the feature is multi-faceted in and of itself. Smart Pairing boasts instant Bluetooth group pairing by first generating individual QR codes for each rider and then allowing the group to connect by simply scanning those QR codes with your smartphone!

What is a QR Code?

For those who are not familiar, a QR code is a machine-readable image used for storing URLs or other information. To access the URL or information, the code is read by the camera on a smartphone. The Smart Pairing feature will utilize this simple technology to allow for streamlined Bluetooth group setup.

Smart Pairing QR Code Phone Pairing

The photo below shows the current early stage development version of the application with a very simple screen displaying the QR code used to connect riders. As development continues to progress the UI will become more and more refined closer to the release of the final app.

Sena Voix Smart Pairing Early App Display QR Code

Your smartphone pairs to your Sena headset via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection, while each Sena headset connects to one another with standard Bluetooth 4.1. If a rider does not wish to use the app they can still participate in the group as a guest. The rider will remain in the group paired via standard Bluetooth without using the BLE smartphone connection at all.

In our next entry we will be meeting with our overseas development team, and will really be able to dive into the changes and progress of Smart Pairing thus far. Until next time, #RideConnected.