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November 29, 2018

The first project we will be covering in Voix will be Smart Pairing, a new, quick, and simplified way to pair your Sena Bluetooth headsets. We’re taking you through the process of developing this new feature that will be integrated into the Sena app. This feature will be provided by Sena to help enhance the user experience for our existing customers.

SmartPairingAppScreen1     SmartPairingApp2

Our development team will be coming to Sena’s global headquarters in Southern California to introduce the new technology and begin the process of building the Smart Pairing interface from the ground up. We’ve decided to take you all along the journey.

Sena Global Headquarters Map

What is Smart Pairing?

When you’re eager to get on the road, what would be better than instantly pairing up multiple Sena headsets? Smart Pairing will allow users to pair their headsets by scanning QR codes to quickly assemble Bluetooth intercom groups. Instead of manually pairing the headsets with the button sequences, pull out your smartphone, snap each member of the groups QR code, and you’re on the road.


Stay tuned as we dig a little deeper into the process behind developing software to make your Sena experience all the better. Watch the video below to see what Smart Pairing is all about. We are anticipating a spring 2019 release for the Smart Pairing feature. #RideConnected

Check out the video to find out more: