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Upshift Heads to India to Take On Cliffhanger Road Using Sena Headsets 

The team at Upshift online went on an incredible journey in India, which included a stretch of road dubbed as “the most dangerous road in the world.” Head over to Upshift Onlines’s Issue 27 to read the full story and scroll down to see the action first hand in their video documenting the ride.

Instant and effortless communication was vital in this treacherous stretch of road, where any simple mistake could have been a matter of life or death in the extreme conditions the team was riding in. At one point, Chris heard a string of profanities through his Sena headset and turned to Simon fearing for the worst. Simon had struck a protruding rock and was in a great deal of pain, this was a real wake up call for the team. Luckily, this did not stop Simon, the crew continued to the top of the summit.

"Staying connected on our India trip was vital. Not only from a general communication standpoint but even more so for safety. On the remote Himalayan mountain passes and the mean streets of Delhi, we relied on our Sena 30 kits to keep connected" says Simon. The team geared up with a few Sena 30Ks, a 20S, and a 10C to stay in communication throughout the journey.

Check out the full video below:

For the full story and awesome photos from the adventure, head to Upshift Issue 27 here.

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