Ride Connected Stories Episode 5: The School of Adventure Riding

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Ride Connected Stories Episode 5: The School of Adventure Riding

July 3, 2019

The Ride Connected series continues to bring personal stories of connection to fellow riders with today’s story of a man who turned his passion into a renowned school of adventure riding.


Jim Hyde is not a traditional motorcyclist by any means. His desire to ride was inspired by the winding, cobblestone-built roads of the Italian countryside. The experience of riding opened Jim’s senses to the natural world, as, to him, one can hear, smell, and see more when not confined in a car.

The experience also opened his eyes to another fact. Around 10% of the world is paved, leaving the rest of the world in a natural, unseen view. Jim’s desire to see more of the world was shared by others, which led to the founding of RawHyde Adventures.


Born from the concepts of off-road cycling and adventure seeking, RawHyde Adventures is a hands-on training program that teaches everyone, whether new rider or experienced, how to ride an adventure bike. Jim’s passion has been a benefit to both him and the students that experience his school’s offerings as the program has expanded to several locations and is one of only a few official BMW training centers. Expansion is fast approaching as well, with UTV training coming soon to the school.

Jim understands the need to communicate with fellow riders on the road. That’s why he utilizes Sena communication devices for both his personal riding experiences and for teaching. For him, just to experience a steady stream of communication enhances the riding experience.

As RawHyde Adventures continues to grow, so do its opportunities as well. Recently, Jim and the team hosted the BMW GS Qualifier, in which riders from around the United States compete in a series of skill challenges designed by the German BMW team. The winners qualify to join the United States GS Trophy team to compete in New Zealand against teams from around the world.


Stay tuned for even more to come in our Ride Connected Stories series.