McCloud, California


2014 BMW 1200GS Adventure and 2014 BMW 800GS Adventure


“Don’t ask why, ask why not.”


About Sandy Borden

In May of 2013, Terry and Sandy Borden made a handshake deal to downsize their lives, flee the suburban life, and travel via motorcycle with their then 11 year old son, Jack.  The plan was to take a year and a half off from their “normal” lives and ride through Mexico, Central and South America.  In the year leading up to their September 2014 departure, they sold the big house in the burbs, moved 200+ miles north to the small, forest town of McCloud, downsized their belongings to the bare minimum, and left the corporate world.  Why?  It was time to live life beyond the usual.  They wanted to show Jack, and themselves, the world beyond the media and what they were told to believe.  So on Saturday, September 13th, 2014, they closed the doors on their little mountain home and headed south, route unknown.

Terry, Sandy and Jack have always traveled via motorcycle as a family.  When Jack was 5 and just big enough to wear proper motorcycle gear, he set off on his first journey around the neighborhood with Terry, coming back with a huge grin and a thumbs up.  The kid was hooked, and so were his mom and dad.  Every year, the Borden’s set off on adventures that lasted anywhere from 10 days to 5 weeks, sometimes pulling Jack out of school to the dismay of his teachers.  What they didn’t realize was that Jack was learning so much more outside of the classroom about science, geography and even math. Instead of reading about history, he was reliving it.  All 3 family members were learning that the world is indeed a good place, and the people that live here are truly amazing.

Now 13, Jack and his parents have traveled across the U.S., through Canada, Mexico, Central America, and are currently on their way to Brazil.  They have shared their stories of travel and life on 2-wheels via their website, TV and radio in hopes of inspiring other families to cut ties with the usual and hit the road.  Does it have to be by motorcycle?  Absolutely not.  It’s time to show the next generation that life isn’t about having the most ‘stuff’ and that the world is to be experienced, not feared.


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