Dortmund, Germany


Two 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 1000s


Raising money and awareness for
children’s educational  and care programs
in Latin America

About Claudia and Mirko Nagler

Claudia & Mirko Nagler are currently riding their Suzuki V-Stroms around the world. Part of the motivation for their trip is to raise money to help other people in need. To do it, they’ve committed themselves to help raise funds for EBM International, a worldwide missionary organization dedicated to planting churches, schools, medical clinics, orphanages, vocational training centers, Bible colleges, and self-help projects wherever they are needed in the world.

Claudia got her start in urban administration, but now enjoys a very fulfilling career as a social worker, where she advocates for children and adolescents. Mirko trained as an electrician and worked in sales and distribution before becoming a motorcycle salesman and then starting his own motorcycle-related business called Motorstore 2000. He currently works as a marketing director at a car dealership and is a passionate photographer.

Both Claudia & Mirko’s passion is supporting children’s homes, daycare centers, preschools and other programs throughout Latin America that benefit children. Learn more on their website: 2AR.eu



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