• Improved the Bluetooth connection with the Sena Smartphone App for iPhone.
  • RideConnected App Support
  • Improved the connection for the Sena RC3 and RC4
  • Sena RC3 and RC4 support
  • Frequency range adjustment for Japan (76.0 ~ 95.0 MHz)
  • Minor bug fixes in Universal Intercom, music, and FM radio during Audio Multitasking
  • Sena FreeWire support
  • A2DP pairing GPS device support
  • Minor bug fixes in FM radio
  • Minor bug fixes in using SR10, 10U, GPS and more
  • Dual A2DP
  • Storing a pairing list with up to 3 devices for remote controls
  • Minor bug fixes in Siri control, Music Sharing and intercom connection
  • Smart Volume Control
  • FM Station Guide on / off capability
  • Minor bug fixes in Music Sharing
  • Button operation changes for the Remote Control
  • Minor bug fixes in FM radio
  • Remote control support
  • Minor bug fixes in using SR10 and more
  • Multi-language voice prompts
  • Improved the intercom connection reliability
  • Improved compatibility with the Prism
  • Minor bug fixes

20S Firmware v1.2

  • Increased audio volume for intercom, music and Bluetooth Audio Recording
  • Improved multi-way intercom reliability
  • Audio Boosting option
  • Headset battery meter for iPhone
  • Advanced Noise Control™ On/Off capability
  • Voice command triggering by Ambient Mode button
  • Bug fixes and improvements

20S Firmware v1.1.1

  • Minor bug fixes

20S Firmware v1.1

  • Navigation App Support
  • Motion Sensor Sensitivity Setting
  • Minor bug fixes in Music, Music Sharing, and Universal Intercom