Asbury, New Jersey


Giro Quarter helmet,

Scout Carbon Paramotor

Dudek Snake xx 16m paramotor wing

Gopro 4 Black


Skydiving, drinking coffee



About Tucker Gott

My name is Tucker Gott, I was born in 1995, and I am a third generation aviator. For as long as I can remember, the idea of flight has fascinated me. My first introduction to flight was in the basket of my mother’s hot air balloon at the age of two. At the age of 10, my grandfather introduced me to the local small airport where he learned to fly in 1948. His stories of aviation fueled my passion for flight and inspired me to pursue my pilot’s license. Throughout middle school, I began flying remote controlled airplanes while attending summer aviation camps to satisfy my desire to fly. After I turned 15, I started taking flying lessons regularly and soloed in a Cessna 152 shortly after my 16th birthday. Within a year, I earned my private pilot’s license and took my grandfather for a flight, as my first passenger.

In 2007, at the age of 12, I discovered paramotors while browsing YouTube. I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do. In August of 2013, I completed my first paramotor flight. The experience was incredible and unique from any other type of flying I had done. I quickly realized this new form of flight would completely change my life. The openness, freedom, and simplicity of a paramotor provided everything I imagined flight to be as a child. I have since become completely passionate for paramotor flight and fly whenever there is an opportunity. I am stoked to continue flying and sharing this passion with others.


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